They have demonstrated that they have the capacity to generate fresh, engaging music endlessly. We must hope that they continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.
— John Eyles , All About Jazz
Music that is melancholy and sometimes unsettling, but is undeniably atmospheric and possessed of a dark beauty that is all its own.
— Ian Mann, The Jazz Man


  •  The Science of Snow | The Jazz Man | October 2015


Beresford seems to be particularly adept at bringing genuine beauty to the art of free improvisation and this talent reaches its apotheosis on this recording.
— Ian Mann, The Jazz Man



  • The Science of Snow: The Wire, review by Brian Morton.

     The Wire Issue 375, May 2015 | Soundcheck A–Z Beresford Hammond

  • Spring edition of ‘The Musician’, 2015


  • Beresford Hammond – The Science of Snow, by Tim Owen, DalstonSound


  • Beresford Hammond: The Science Of Snow (2015) Jazz review by John Eyles